About GMA

About us

GMA is an independent real estate asset management firm focused on investments in the hotel industry. Our firm has over 20 years´ extensive track record in Spain and in international markets.

GMA has managed third-party investments as well as its own, assuming different roles in accordance with the type of vehicle, from asset manager to the investor-manager role.

Headquartered in Madrid, GMA co-invests and manages hotel assets across Europe through its different investment vehicles. We generate superior risk adjusted returns by focusing on specific acquisition criteria and implementing value-added investment strategies that capitalize on our deep experience in hotel real estate.

In recent years, our team has managed over 400 transactions and hotel projects worth over 5 billion euros.

Today, GMA manages about 1 billion euros in assets. Its parent company, GMA Capital, is Bankinter’s(Spanish bank) co-partner and promotor of Atom Hoteles Socimi, The investment vehicle is competitively positioned as the 1st Real Estate Investment Trust in the Spanish hotel investment market with an expert team, long-term horizon and high-quality capital sources allowing it to unlock complex investment and value enhancement opportunities. ATOM  owns 28 hotels with over 6.626 rooms and more than 500.000 m2 in leased assets.

Our model

Our extensive track record, powerful network and deeply experienced management teams in hotel operations, provide us with a competitive edge, that allows us to act quickly, identifying properties that we can reposition through complex renovations and asset management. This allow us to improve performance and deliver exceptional value to investors.

We carefully design a unique business plan for each hotel based on its market, location, asset type and service levels. We have extensive experience with Spanish and international hotel brands, providing a strong perspective to determine the right brand for each hotel. Each asset and investment are carefully analysed and have their own unique business model to ensure the best returns.


Our capital

We invest our capital with our partners and investors.


We offer investors unique opportunities with a detailed risk analysis and predictable results.

Track record

Track record & value generation.

Business Know-how

Business Know-How: the team has 360º experience in the hotel sector (operations, human resources, food & beverage, etc.)

Asset class

We co invest and manage real estate assets with hotel focus.


Long-term vision and commitment with our investors shown by recurring dividend and revenue distribution.

What we do

Identifying the right investment opportunities

We excel at identifying and analysing strategic opportunities featuring USPs, critical size, nearby demand drivers and a potential for improvement. We have a diverse network of brokers, operators and direct owners which enable us to select the most efficient source; ensuring each project offers a competitive price.  GMA carefully analyses the best brand for the asset with promising guaranteed rates or in case the existing ones are maintained, we ensure each contract fulfills our Business Plan objectives.

Analysis & Execution

We anticipate the impacts on assets and portfolios under management through deep analysis ensuring the alignment with the investment, profitability, and risk objectives. Our agile structure and methodology grant us the essential flexibility to quickly adapt to macro and micro changes. We conduct an integrated asset analysis to quickly understand the sources of relative risk and return, both within the portfolio itself and within the new opportunities we have  in our pipeline.


At GMA we get involved in all the investment cycle assuming key roles like:  supervision of  due diligences and audits , optimization of the ownership structure to maximize cash flow upstream, negotiations with vendors, lessor, financing partners and operators as well as the establishment of shareholder agreements and joint ventures.

Asset management

At GMA we excel at defining and executing heavy renovation, extension and conversion projects. Our team of experts analyse each asset , defining the concept and reform scope adjusted to expected returns. In this way we are able to reposition the hotel, improving  its bottom Line, upgrading its positioning, and improving customer satisfaction. We also provide financial control and legal follow up to all the process.

Our team



Víctor Martí Gilabert

Víctor MARTÍ GILABERT is CEO and Founder of GMA.

With more than 20 years hotel investment and real estate experience, Victor manages investments, real estate projects and hospitality operations.

His expertise covers different business areas from business operation to business development through investments and contract negotiation between properties and operators (franchising, management, leases, sales purchases, etc.). Prior to founding GMA, he was Chairman of Horwath HTL, a leading international Hospitality consultancy firm. He was also member of Horwath HTL International Council representing EMEA.

Víctor has led strategic consulting in hotel real estate and hospitality businesses for investment and private equity firms, hotel chains, family offices, among others. Throughout his career he has managed over 400 transactions and hotel projects worth + 5b€.

Victor holds a degree in Travel & Hospitality. He also graduated in Theme Parks Management from Cornell University (Ithaca-New York) and completed a Senior Management Program at IESE Business School, ranked 1st in Executive Education by the Financial Times.

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GMA Corporate

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